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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's Wrong With Canada?

Oh Canada!
From see to see!
[Keep looking if you don't see!]

Canada is a great country to live in, say I, having always been a resident except for brief periods of travel beyond her borders.

What's Right With Canada?

  • we have a generally successful world-recognized country of some 35 million
  • we won the "best country of the world to live in" several times by the United Nations [otherwise known as the DUN which is 3/5 of the word "dunce" = Dis-United Nations] 
  • we have a Prime Minister who stands for integrity and truth instead of political correctness. PM Harper we salute you.

  • we have a health plan so no one is likely to go bankrupt paying medical bills
  • we have a country which allows a input from native peoples or aboriginals as I understand they like to be called [Just so you know there is no hidden conflict of interest, I am partly aboriginal. Have not discovered what part yet. Study ongoing.]
  • we have the second largest country by land mass in the world, second only to Russia
  • we originated hockey and possibly lacrosse
  • World's Most Expensive Hockey Stick Baggataway stick
  • some of us eat seal meat raw
  • we set a record in 2010 for the most gold medals EVER won by any country in the Winter Olympics beating out the former USSR and Norway
  • In Winter Olympics 2010, our men's Team Canada beat the U.S. as did our women's Team Canada! [Was this the first time we beat the U.S. since the war of 1812?]
  • our education system is generally sound
  • we are generally polite unless you get our combined backs up
  • we have great transportation systems
  • many world-renowned inventions and discoveries were made in Canada [refer to for some of them]
  • we discovered or invented insulin, pablum, snowmobiles and the Canadarm
  • we have I believe if not THE most beautiful country in the world, at least in the top ten considering our lakes, rivers, coastal areas, forests and plains, old and young cities
There is much more but what is wrong with Canada is supposed to be the current topic.

What IS WRONG with Canada?
[no particular order]

  •  our health care system is aging in more ways than one and needs a competitional remake
  • our educational system needs to ensure that they idea of a "liberal arts" tradition is kept liberal in the old sense of ALLOWING ALL POINTS OF VIEW TO BE HEARD unlike Carleton University's Student ASS-ociation which does not understand that we have FREE speech in Canada not free speech as long as it agrees WITH YOU!
  • we don't teach CRITICAL THINKING or else we would not have so many people who don't know that facts are what are ACTUALLY, demonstrably, evidentially true and NOT a matter of "my" OPINION [present writer excluded of course!]
  • our antiquated-patronizing big-brother-helps-little-brother behaviour toward our First Nations peoples keeps them in poverty and ensures that they have a higher rate of incest, drunkenness, drug problems, crime, unemployment, and being cheated by the very leaders that are supposedly elected to "SERVE" them but instead cut themselves large salaries and leave band-owned houses to rot
  • we have an unenviable record of allowing "natives" who often are NOT native at all to Canada to run roughshod over our laws and threaten innocent Canadians and allowing the arrest of people who are protesting against illegal takeovers of residential areas that they have not paid for [Can you spell C a l e d o n i a?]
  • Why Gary McHale arrested?
  • One of the officers got out of the cruiser, walked up to McHale’s open window, and said the purpose of the stop was to advise him that if he attempted to raise a Canadian flag at the rally, he would be arrested.
    Read more:
  • Occupiers free
  •  Is this an Indian burka?
  • our wimpy universities allow radical groups to STOP FREE SPEECH which is enshrined in our Charter of Rights [I guess using it to silence political adversaries is okay?]
  • FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS.2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
    (a) freedom of conscience and religion;
    (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
    (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
    (d) freedom of association.

  • Christie Blatchford, Anne Coulter, and Mark Steyn are not allowed the privilege of FREE SPEECH in some universities in Canada having been subjected to cancellations and demonstrations for fear that the "students" might get upset by hearing other points of view than that taught by the university


  • we often hire people based on their minority status rather than their knowledge or fitness for the job

  • equalization payments are a form of state welfare which only serve as a disincentive to entrepreneurs getting better ideas for jobs in our Maritime provinces and Quebec like giving allowances to children whether they kept their room clean and their homework done or not

This is not a comprehensive look based on exhaustive research but on news events and life experience, so ...

Okay so what do you think?

Do you have any "rights" or "wrongs" that I missed?

What needs fixing? What doesn't?

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