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Today, Sunday, December 5, 2010, this video has received over 10 million views! Wow! Say it backwards, "woW"!

I wonder if the rigid religion of atheism lets them enjoy music like this, or write some?

[Below: From Rick Dykstra's website. I thought this history was very interesting.]

"We went to watch the Niagara Chorus last night at Calvary Church. They preformed Handel's Messiah and did an amazing job. The Niagara Chorus has about 100 singers and performs about five times a year.

Marian Van Til, one of the members of the chorus gave a brief outline regarding the history of Handel's Messiah. I thought I would share a bit of it.

Handel's Messiah has become as much a part of the Christmas season as the Christmas tree itself.

Handel wrote Messiah between August 22 and September 14, 1741. it took three weeks to write one of the most celebrated pieces of music in our history.

While history has been kind to Handel, at the time of the first performances some weren't as complimentary to him. His composing of the Messiah was not in the style of opera so widely accepted during his time. The Messiah wasn't a drama with a development of characters or actors.

Well, over the years he proved many of his contemporaries wrong. In fact Handel did something that very few people are even aware of.

From the very first performance Messiah benefited those in need. All the profit Handel made from the performances went to charity. He was ahead of his time. This great work assisted the needy more than any other single production of its time, in any Country.

Aptly put together by a man who could not only compose great works, but did so with a much greater sense of purpose.

It serves as a good reminder to all of us, 250 years later."

Copied from Rick Dykstra website