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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Barrack Obama beat Sarah Palin in 2008; in 2010 She Won!

Barrack Obama beat Sarah Palin in 2008.
In 2010 She Won!

Regardless of the demeaning tactics used against Sarah Palin in 2008, she kept fighting to the end and probably raised McCain's chances by several points. But she did not win.

Again we have the bloggers, uninformed or ignorant individuals and a blind media casting accusations, innuendoes, and dragging her family into the mix because they cannot fault her in other ways. 

If it was ANY other politician it is an accepted practice to leave the family business out of politics. However Sarah Palin is singled out because she is an anathema. She defies the odds by being a conservative female. That is just not acceptable you know with the political and media elite.

It is the day after the U.S. midterm elections. This time Sarah Palin beat Barrack Obama!

You may wonder how I can make this statement since she was not running anywhere. It was Sarah Palin who appeared at a multitude of tea party rallies by invitation. She spurred them on to stand up for their ideals and the ideals of the founding fathers. 

The United States of America became a country because their rulers [in England] were taxing their tea but gave them no place to voice their desires. If you haven't heard of the Boston Tea Party then you missed the most important catalyst to creating the United States of America.

Mr. Obama and his two packed houses full of Democrats did not heed the voices of the people but went ahead with his radical agenda just like the King of England long ago.

So if the naysayers want to act like spoiled children, let them. I think Sarah has learned to ignore them. You know what they say about sticks and stones in the old children's rhyme, don't you?

Yes, with the number of candidates endorsed by Sarah Palin winning, even tho she lost a few, she beat Barrack Obama at his own game!

So I will make no references to putting lipstick on democrats not changing them into .... sorry I said I would not .....

However perhaps Mr. Obama helped some democrats to go home after supporting his socialistic agenda and meditate on the symbol of his party. I believe it rhymes with "grass."

"You can work for the people or for yourself; if you work for yourself, that won't work for you."  - cp


  1. I wonder how many Canadians would like to give up their healthcare and have pre Obama style American medicare.

    False Dichotomies irk me. Either you're a Conservative or you're a Socialist. There's no longer a middle ground where you can have some Conservative ideals while still wanting to help people.

    While I regard myself as a conservative I try not to carry that to absurd extremes. Small government and lower taxes are an ideal. However some things are best done by government and some by private enterprise.

    To give tax dollars to private insurers so they can make large profits is nonsensical. This is a case where better services for less money can be provided by government. Insurance companies naturally follow the inclination to maximize profits by reducing service and charging high premiums. They are not accountable and the way medicare was set up there was minimal competition. (That's my understanding of it anyway)

    A government agency would be accountable to taxpayers to provide maximum service for the lowest possible cost. Being a nonprofit provides a savings right from the start.

    Just a word about bailouts. In Canada I was pro GM and con Nortel. GM and it's suppliers represent 100's of thousands of jobs. Too big to let fail and hopefully we can recoup the money later. Nortel has few employees left in Canada and basically no suppliers because all manufacturing is off shore. This despite the fact I owed my own living at the time to Nortel. I couldn't in good conscience support bailing them out.

    So the point I'm making, it is wrong to blindly follow any ideology. Be a socialist where it makes sense to do so and be a conservative where it makes sense to do so. To do the opposite leads to disaster.

    My fear with Sarah and the tea party is they will blindly follow the conservative ideology into places where it doesn't belong. They are assured that whatever they do has Gods approval. They disdain the educated as elites and are more apt to follow an uneducated preacher rather than economists and political scientists to the detriment of all.

  2. Actually there are many fallacies in the above comments which will be answered by a post.


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