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Fox News: Fair and Balanced
Some people, usually those who have not watched the channel, say that Fox News Lies. The only person I have talked to about this yet, admitted that he was simply believing by faith that the videos he saw on YouTube were true. He said he watched it once on a cruise.

And this individual is one who argues with me that my arguments have no evidence! So where is his? 

Lacking! His evidence is "He saw it ONCE on a cruise."

Why is there such hypocrisy in some people that require one standard for others and a much easier standard for them? [You will find some of them on as they don't like to let you argue with THEIR ATHEISTIC EVANGELICAL ARTICLES]

So here are two videos from Fox News. If you REALLY think they are lying and biased, won't you please comment below and PROVE your accusation? 

That way we will not have to accept you as the Great Fox News Prophet whose words we must accept on faith.

If after viewing this video you would like to point out why it is NOT fair and balanced, be my guest and email  me at to tell me what and why or just make a comment in the comment section below.

Of course SILENCE means you have NO PROOF and your words were empty without evidence.

Fox News Video One

Fox News Video Two