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Friday, November 19, 2010

One Grateful Life

Do You Choose LIFE or Death?

It's my birthday today, November 18th. It has been that day as long as I can remember and maybe even before I could remember!

It ALSO is my mother-in-law, Katie Noake's birthday and also my grandson Ian's birthday.

 [Grandma Katie Noake with her great-grandsons, Nathanael and Andrew Guinn]

 I call Ian, Professor Dougie [Remember Dougie Howser, M.D.? Ian reminds me of him in a non-medical way.]

.Ian with baby brother Nathan and reading

[Brian brings up an interview with some nobody clergy guy who says that many clergy don't even believe in God and we never really know.]

My Answer:

Hey Brian

It simply means you are tapping into the dying church, not the living one! 

It's sort of like going to the cemetery and reporting that there are a lot of dead people there (:-) How unusual! 

Where are the living people? In the hospitals, in the houses and schools, in the living churches, and yards, on the fields, in the air and on the water, having fun, enjoying life. If you go where life is, you experience it with them. Are you enjoying your life?

All death causes recycling. Recycling causes new life. There are dead "living" atheists and dead "living" priests and clergy. They are like hybrid cars with no source to renew their power. They have forgotten where the power outlet is. Their minds have taken them to the end of their resources and there is nothing left to resource.

Many of the dead have already been recycled and become part of the living church.

Do you need some more reminders about the LIVING CHURCH?

World's largest church in Seoul Korea.

This is part of the living church. 

Pastor David

Or you might try

Nothing like the church that you or I attended Brian. I have attended a church of about 10,000 in Colorado. A great place where many people and groups are being helped to lead a more productive life. Also this year a church of about 1500 in Nashville.

New Life Community Church - Colorado Springs

Some of the activities to help outsiders:

Local Outreach Opportunities

OUTREACH OPPORTUNITIES- What can you do to serve in our city?


Local Ministries is collecting non-perishable food items. Check our donation trunks in the foyer for more details on the most needed items that we can give to bless families in our city. Please call Rina at 265-3180 if you have any questions.

Teens are often times overlooked during donation drives. Let us show these students how much they are cared for this month by donating items that mean a lot to them. All donations will go to the kids at Carmel Middle School south of town at Christmas time. Donation bins are available on either side of the foyer outside the living room. On the donation bins you can find lists of supplies needed. Please call Rina at 265-3180 if you have any questions.



You can donate suggested items or money to create care packages for members of the 4th Infantry Division deployed in Iraq. We also need volunteers to assemble and ship the care packages.  Please drop off your item donations or checks to the church from November 7th through 30th.  For more information about volunteering go to our event listings (  Questions? Call Jill at 719-645-9777.


Our special needs friends are an integral part of our church family.  They will be so blessed by a practical sign of our support.  Helps us assemble care packages, shop for fun items or donate towards the purchase of items.  For more information call Rina at 719-265-3180

 New Life in Action - what have You been doing to meet the needs of our city?
  • Launched a Local Ministries Prayer & Information meeting (including Dream Center updates) on the first Wednesday of every month in the WPC, Room 107, at 7pm.The next meeting is on September 8th.

  • Served dozens of elderly folks in the Knob Hill area on July 31st by sprucing up their homes and yards.

  • 100 volunteers prepared Queen Palmer Elementary for the new school year.

  • Partnered with Springs Rescue Mission to improve their grounds.

  • Donated school supplies to Northern Churches Care's Back to School program.

  • Donated a couple of hundred pounds of food to Northern Churches Care and Springs Rescue Mission.

  • Celebrated hundreds of military families at a reception on August 29th.

  • Provided 176 deploying soldiers with gift bags to support them during their tour.

  • Started the first children's running club at Queen Palmer Elementary.

Or this

But numbers don't mean everything do they?
It is how a group contributes to or advances society.

Atheism or agnosticism is much easier to believe in because there can be NO absolutes of which most atheists are ABSOLUTELY certain. {ok i guess there is ONE absolute}

Just imagine living life only to die. What a wonderful future. Why not die now and avoid the rush? It's like skipping grades in school, you get to the end sooner. Isn' that better? (:-)

You see Brian every week I have an exciting week, Sunday great services, Tuesday practise our pro drama "A Time For Christmas" being put on Dec. 10, 11, 12. Even agnostics and atheists can attend. It comes in a plain brown wrapper and no one will know where it came from. But of course an atheist cannot be part of this season, but an agnostic can!

Thursday, just got through practising the music for Sunday worship choir AND the drama.

That was a fun birthday! 

Friday [now!]

I look forward to helping people with their finances through coordinating a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University in our home. Last time for this year starting again in January.

People are getting out of debt and feeling FREE!

And then professionally I get to help people occasionally buy the right life insurance for them or help them set up a savings plan for retirement ... the younger the better. See Financial Peace Now

In between times I shop for my wife, take my mother-in-law to her appts, have coffee with my friends, of my age and one gentleman from our church who is in his 83rd year and enjoys life to the full, Sander DeGroot. 

He is one of my heroes. I told him so today at Tim's. I told him I want to be as active helping others at 83 as he is.  

Helping people is VERY satisfying. I'm not rich but I have been blessed with 67 years of good health and been able to travel to the most amazing places. Some of which are in Trip-Ways.

I have two great daughters and 5 "GREAT" grandsons [not my grandsons sons]. I have been blessed. But maybe an agnostic would say "chanced". I like blessed better. (:-)

You see Brian I do not believe it is what you indoctrinated yourself with that steers you. It is usually a reason NOT to have the standards that are clearly laid out in the Bible. 

Oh yes you can nitpick but they are the basic standards that most people are happy that others live by! Even if they don't. 

And if you don't believe the Bible you are free to do EVERYTHING YOU WANT. You don't have any standards to live by except what you decide and what if they are faulty standards and lead to a sad life like the 3 most famous atheists of the last 100 years?

 I would think at least ONE of them would be happy but they seem not...

You can also choose NOT to BELIEVE in the laws of physics such as gravity and in your non-belief, step off the CN Tower [guess I will have to find out the name of that larger one in Dubai, is it?]. I think you still might fall, belief or no belief.

But just because you don't choose to believe something DOES NOT make it untrue. 

So enjoy your trip and I hope your life turns out as well as mine!

Feeling gratitude for my past AND future years!

We will talk again.



On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 9:38 AM,

Brian asks, "Is your pastor an atheist like me?" He forgot that I taught him he was an agnostic. Oh well. I know my pastor's are not because they are part of the living church. And I have NEVER heard sermons from Brian that even compare in a thousand years to the sermons I hear from Pastor Randy and Pastor Cuke. It is certainly obvious what they believe. Now in the dying church, it may be hard to tell. (:-)

Here is his conribution to that thought.
A Godless Clergy: Faith in God—and holding fast to it despite your fears and doubts—is a central tenet of nearly every religion. But what if the head of your church doesn't believe? Tufts University professor Daniel Dennett joins us to talk about the growing number of priests and clergy who no longer believe in God. Why do they continue to preach? And what does that mean for the people they serve?

Editor: The dying church does not have to lie down to die. One can feign life quite well by standing up and still being dead. Of course not physically dead, but dead spiritually. No power source. Sad but true.

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  1. I am NOT a Scorpio.

    I cannot be because the planets are too far away to have any influence on me at all a la Newton's law of gravitation. So since I was born when the constellation Scorpio was somewhere or other means nothing because it has no influence on my life.

    Who influenced my life? My parents. My God. My teachers. My priests or pastors. My friends. My self-education. My life experiences.

    I really don't think some far away planets being in a certain location had any noticeable influence any more than John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Ché Guevera or Mao Tse Tung who were much closer and did not influence me either.

    However I do thank you "everyone" for your well-meaning comments. (:-


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