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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kymco B&W 250 CC Gas - 130 km/h 80 mpg Fast Commuter

[This was originally an ad for my scooter which was sold during June.]

Even tho I love my 2009 B&W, for a person my age it is not the best for longer rides. I rode to visit my buddy Barrie in Cornwall last year. That is when I discovered that for longer rides, at my age of 67, I should upgrade. I did the research before buying the Kymco B&W 250 and discovered it was one of the most reliable, if not THE most reliable scooter in production.

Check the reviews on it here:

This is only 1 place I found fantastic reviews of the 250 B&W. However out of 25 reviews, the total rating is 4.4 out of 5 with 100% of users recommending the scooter!

If you read the reviews you will see that as long ago as 2002 owners usually have to check fluids, keep them topped up, change the oil, once a year or so, change coolant and that is it!

I bet your car needs more care than that! (:-)

Kymco Bet and Win 250cc Reviews

  Kymco Bet and Win 250cc
4.4 stars
Average rating for this product is:4.4 out of 5
From 6 ratings and 25 reviews
Thumb up  100% of users recommend 

I have made the upgrade. So now my B&W 250 [250cc / 70 miles per gallon] is for sale. 

Original Retail price was $4899

  • 250CC
  • 4 stroke engine [no mixing of oil and gas]
  • liquid cooling [better than air, with a fan if it gets too hot]
  • 168 kg
  • CVT transmission [automatic, continuous variable transmission]
  • disk brakes front and rear
  • 10L fuel capacity
  • locking fuel cap
  • underseat storage
  • matching mirrors
  • digital dash with full gauge suite showing speed, RPM, radiator temp, air temp, gas remaining, low fuel reminder plus time 
  • carrier plate to attach a topcase [trunk] cost ~$100
  • Givi topcase ~$135
  • Windscreen ~$250 with installation
This is a fast but fuel-saving fun vehicle to ride. I have ridden all over the Niagara Peninsula and it takes hills with no loss of power. There is a 12 mile creek hill where it meets Pelham Street [St. Catharines] that is the best test of what a scooter can do. At the stop your vehicle is at the brow of the hill. 

Great commuter bike for getting around Toronto traffic. When traffic is stalled there are often ways that a scooter can get around the traffic because it fits.

Filling up my last tank at $1.48 for Premium fuel, the costs was $11.55!

So if you want to save money and get a great fun scooter to enjoy the few days of summer we get, I recommend this scooter.

Warranty valid until November 2011 !!!

See for a place in Victoria BC that sells them.

Lots of places closer. Servicing can be done in Niagara Falls at V-TWin Cycle. Recommended highly!

My Scooter with me on it! No I do NOT ride this way! (:-)

The Kymco Story


Long Ride Video

Price now set at ONLY $3113 with the Addons!
Retail Price in 2009 was $4899

More Videos

Discussion of Scooters in North America

Comment language is Spanish but video is great!

This video shows the top speed at 130 km/h

Customized Bet & Win

More later

See on Kijiji

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