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Friday, November 19, 2010

BC: Before

[This is My Response to an Email from BCReason]

He says the idea of there being no proof for God "STRUCK" him one day just like ghost stories. In baseball strikes are bad, aren't they?

When the "idea" struck you it must have landed too hard. Do you not see a difference between ghost stories and God stories?? Come on Brian. You are smarter than that.

So have you been to Rome?

If not, how do you know it exists? It may all be an elaborate conspiracy by world leaders to keep us subjugated.

There are many parts of an atom that no one can see. But there is EVIDENCE that they MUST be there. Just like Pluto, [I forget who but ...] a scientist did the math and said, THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER PLANET OUT THERE. Eventually it was found.

You can look FOR or you can look AGAINST. Whatever you generally look FOR or AGAINST, you usually can find evidence to support it.

Have you ever read Christopher Hitchens?

Have you ever read Peter Hitchens?

I think he may know from personal experience something about being communist AND atheist.

A quote from the review

 "On the whole, it is religion's cultured despisers, not Christian apologists, who now display greater shrillness. As the author argues in his foreword, "the difficulties of the anti-theists begin when they try to engage with anyone who does not agree with them, when their reaction is often a frustrated rage that the rest of us are so stupid.

But what if that is not the problem? Their refusal to accept that others might be as intelligent as they, yet disagree,

leads them into many snares."

Hitchens does not seek to mount a comprehensive defence of Christianity. He is wise to avoid deeper philosophical and theological waters, because his strengths lie elsewhere. His more manageable aim is to expose what he holds to be three major fallacies underlying God Is Not Great: that conflict fought in the name of religion is really always about faith; that "it is ultimately possible to know with confidence what is right and what is wrong without acknowledging the existence of God"; and that atheist states are not actually atheist." 

And Brian I am sure you are smarter than that email below. To say that this Randi guy offers a million dollars for proof of a supernatural is like ME offering ONE MILLION DOLLARS for proof that there is no God! 

They are both impossible but they SOUND impressive! They are empty words.

No one can prove to another what the OTHER does not WANT to believe. That is why I have not tried [much]. You are not interested in evidences for God even tho I have given several.

Your interest is in backing up why you should be free to do as you want with people of like ilk. You have NO interest in evidences FOR God even tho they are all around you every day.


[Note from Editor:
This is the email I was responding to, above.]

BCREASON: [explains how he became an agnostic]

A few years ago I used to believe in a lot of things.

I used to watch these shows where investigators would look for ghosts in haunted houses. I'd get frustrated when they wouldn't find anything. They'd always have [a] psychic who would know learn about the history of the place from the ghost. But no real evidence.

I started researching this stuff on the Internet and found out it was all fake. One of the researchers made up a story about a place they were investigating and told one of the crew.  Later during filming the psychic repeated the fake story thinking it was real. So the crew had been feeding him info not the ghosts.

I started reading James Randi's web site. He offers  a million dollar reward for proof of the supernatural.
From this and others I learned critical thinking and how to analyze paranormal claims. For a long time I didn't put together the biggest paranormal claim there is. Of course God exists. Everyone believes in God. Then One day it struck me to examine God the way I did the rest. I took off my God glasses and examined the world as if God did not exist. What I saw made so much more sense that I left the God glasses off for good.

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