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Friday, July 29, 2011

Texas bias

My agnostic friend Brian has sent me another loony-left article which is written rather obscurely without important details. But it seems from what I could gather that someone was sending cards to families of deceased veterans saying "God bless you" and some judge or other person in authority said that it was offensive to some families so they should not do it.

There were other details which are not clear but in general it appears that some are offended when told "God bless you" and due to the severe trauma this could cause to someone who has not discovered God, it was ordered to be stopped.

Sounds a bit like the extreme Muslims who were offended by the Danish cartoons which Ezra Levant published in the Western Standard.

Here is my response to Brian:

So what do you really hope to achieve by sending me left-biased articles that focus only on negativity?

So am I to understand that you believe that people should not have to receive cards etc. from Christians saying "God bless you" and the ilk? Do you belong to the politically correct left fringe?

 Does that also apply to atheists who religiously send unwanted biased articles as email sermons? (:-) Or are you double-minded about that area? (:-)

Parents can love the most unlovable kids. God can love the most unlovable, and does.

It seems Brian that you have negative pessimistic fixation syndrome. You notice negative things about those you have chosen to hate and may even search hard for them but since you are not balanced, you do not find ANY good things that Christians do. Walking ONLY on your left foot is a hard way to go through life! It makes you skip a lot of good things.

If you could only make left turns would you ever have a problem getting around?

Imagine if you were only given a left brain, a left arm, a left leg, a left nostril, a left eye, men given only a left testxxxx, females only a left brxxxx. Imagine what we would be missing!

So when you ONLY see one side, you basically are eliminating your balance of thinking, moving, seeing, breathing because your fear of the right being EVIL.   

[Of course, I have trouble understanding why atheists would have any objections to anyone being a freethinker, but that is life. Some are taken captive by circumstance; some choose their captivity. But I did forget, sorry, that ONLY atheists are allowed to think freely. Sorry!]

So in the light of that: I warn you watch out for the POSITIVE BELOW! [Maybe you might want to delete this right away in case it pollutes your sense of wrong with too much right. After all, everything right is wrong, isn't it?] (:-)

Here goes! Cover your eyes! 

From the blog: The God Lowdown


I plan on posting a more lengthy analysis of this soon, but here's the short version to get your mental juices flowing.

Atheists love to point out various evil deeds done by "Christians" or religious folk. So as much as possible, they cite examples of terrible things done in the name of God. "Look how dangerous religion is!" they say. "Imagine how much better off we'd be without religion!"

But, as always, there are several layers of problems with this thinking:

1. Why focus entirely on the negative? For every 1 example of a "Christian" or group of "Christians" doing something wrong, there are hundreds of examples of real Christians doing something right and having a positive impact on the world. And you know what? You'll never notice those Christians, because they aren't looking for attention, and you aren't seeking them out.
2. If your friend tells you he's a vegetarian, and then you see him stuffing his face with a T-bone steak, would you conclude that vegetarians are all liars who actually eat meat? Of course not! Obviously your friend is not truly a vegetarian. So why, when someone who claims to be Christian does something terrible, do you attack Christianity for being terrible?
3. The basic concept of God has done wonders for humanity. The good far outweighs the bad. Eliminate God completely, and you eliminate several key underlying assumptions that greatly enhance and support human rights, liberty, and purpose. For instance, the basic assumption that each human is a special creation. The opposite assumption, which is promoted by evolution, is that each human is a random accident. Think about that, and analyze the implications of both viewpoints.
4. At the core of every example provided for the "atrocities of religion" is the same basic element: someone who claims to follow God, but in reality doesn't. Such people are NOT Christians, despite what they may say. They are simply not applying Christianity properly. The fact is, when you apply true Christianity, the outcome is always positive.
Likewise, there are tons of "Atheists" who don't apply Atheism properly. If you properly follow Atheism to its ultimate logical conclusion (that we are all here by accident and right/wrong is completely subjective), the sky is the limit for how selfish you can be. Why be honest? Why not cheat on your spouse? Why not neglect your kids? Why not murder, as long as you can avoid getting caught? Why not slaughter millions of Jews like Hitler did?

Hitler had ties to the Catholic church, yes. But was he a Christian? Of course not. He did not apply any principles of Christianity whatsoever. He did, however, try to "purge the gene pool" to accelerate evolution. And he obviously placed no importance or value on human life. So Hitler made a much better Atheist than Theist.

Posted by Dan Atkinson at 7:18 PM

Of course there are extreme loony-lefties who have caused immeasurable harm to humanity BUT we must not mention them, .....shhhh ..... we might need their wisdom, if not their balance.

This too came from the above blog.

"All the debate in America about Liberal vs. Conservative, Big Government vs. Small Government, Socialism vs. Capitalism, or Democrats vs. Republicans, can be summed up perfectly in this single image:"

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