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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Questions for Neo-Atheists?

I have been a psychologist at heart since high school. Watching people is very interesting and also provides a method of sitting in crowds so that you can observe people. That is why I spent much of my degree-work various angles of the subject.

To My Friend, Brian and others of the same religion:

You are a very interesting case, even tho I do not see you in person, I do in behaviour.

I am sure you will not answer these questions on the grounds that it could "incriminate" you but here goes anyway. (:-0

  1. Most atheists seem to believe in a world of NO absolutes. How about you? Do you believe in any absolutes?
  2. They are often absolutely sure that there are none. How about you? Do you believe in any absolutes?
  3. Assuming the truth of that observation, it is interesting that a person with no absolutes may take great joy in those who DID NOT live up to someone else's absolutes? Yes very interesting indeed. I can picture the hands being rubbed together with glee at the revelation of [mis ..... to defer to the neo-atheists] -conduct in the news business in Britain. Very very interesting. Perhaps even those who claim NOT to have ANY absolutes, have their own brand of them? (:-)
  4. It is also very intriguing as to WHY they would even pay any attention to it since the NOTW and those in authority around it, seems to have been approaching the standards that neo-atheists hold dear. That is of course, is what the whole hubbub is about, not holding to any  standards of decency. Of course why should that matter in a world of NO absolutes anyway? (:-)
  5. It may just prove the point that atheism is a religion which takes delight at others misconduct and misfortunes even tho atheism has no standards itself. Of course being a new version of an old religion it may not have had time to reveal or even know ALL of its belief-system as yet. Give it some time. It took Hitler, Stalin and their ilk a while to develop their own religions as well.
  6. Just because living up to absolute standards is difficult is no reason to shed all of them. In fact some of the hardest things in the world are not only very admirable, but VERY RIGHT. Yes ABSOLUTELY! (:-)
One of those who has standards and lives up to them is Charles Mully. Part of his story is found at the link below:

You too can get involved! See here to find out how!

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