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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Proving An Absolute by Exception?

My friend BC must be back from vacation again. He has started up the send link-ism activity again.

He sends me a link of someone who is purported to be a Christian and ostensibly lied about some facts. 

However since I have no proof of exactly what happened, I will suspend judgement until I do.

Are Christians perfect? No way Hosé! That fact is partly why we are Christians. We realize we are fallible human beings who need a time-tested guideline to go by and to be reminded of that guideline regularly.

So here is my thought about BC sending me this "report".

It is interesting how hard you work Brian to find someone generally obscure who was human and may have told some lies. So you believe because you can find one person known to the media that has possibly lied that represents Christianity?

Of course I am sure you have never told a lie at least not since adulthood, right?

Perhaps you should look at the millions who don't?

Would a fair test of the reliability of a computer be like this? "I had an Dell computer once and it was so much trouble I'll never buy another Dell as long as I live, so there!"

Is that a fair scientific test?

I thought SCIENCE was about repetition, not exceptions. Of course then there is evolution.... hmmmm....... climate-gate ...... and ostracism of scientists who differ ..... hmmmm .... I don't know.

You are an amazing person Brian, too bad you are wasting your time attempting to prove what?

Is it your intention to take ONE incident or ONE person and generalize to a whole group? Is that scientific?

You see Brian what you are proving is that your agnostic-atheistic religion is based on emotions and feelings and looking for facts to justify your feelings. Would that be a fair statement?

The evidence strongly suggests it.

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