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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rise of Atheism?

True atheists should be happy this year, 2011.  

"Freethinkers" took to the streets of Britain to do whatever their little hearts desired. Many new atheists have claimed that there are increasing numbers of atheists as they rub their hands together in glee at the thought.

In Toronto, summer 2010, G20, many rioted, burned police cars, broke into shops, took what they wanted, "freethinking". This year, in Vancouver, the Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins. The fans, "freethinkers", decided to express their great sadness at the loss, by rioting. Doing what they want. Isn't that what "freethinking" is supposed to be?

Any true atheist who believes in what they call "freethinking" should be ecstatically happy.

Fast forward, omitting Greece, to August 2011, rioters in the streets of London, sparked by some "freethinkers" because of the alleged shooting of a gang member.

After all, if people choose to form gangs and do what they like, that is their business, is it not? Isn't this "freethinking" as desired by the new atheists, chosing your own path, thinking what they want and consequentially, doing what they want?

If you don't like something, riot, burn, loot and steal. Why not? The true zenith of "freethinking" should be individuals choosing EXACTLY what they feel they want to do.

Photos of London Riots 2011

The problem is that "freethinking" has never been the exclusive domain of atheism. But groups now have a way of taking a word and bending it to be their own. Why not, isn't "freethinking" good?
I have not talked to my pseudo-atheist friend B. about this lately but he should be rejoicing as all people who claim to be "freethinkers" should be, their numbers swelling, cars overturned and burning,  windows broken, stores looted and robbed and set ablaze... the height of "freethinking".
To those who have no absolute truths to be held up as virtues, happiness should become ecstacy.

To the rest of us, who do have virtues to live up to, even tho we may at times not be strong enough to keep them, this appears more like primitive anarchy than "thinking" in any way, shape or form.

Is this our future? More "freethinkers" doing whatever they like, because these "free" thoughts occurred to them on the spur of the moment? If so, atheists across the world should be deliriously happy. The rest of us, should be alarmed.

My friend, B., the pseudo-atheist, would not understand because he was not around in the 60's when the Detroit riots occurred, blacks and malcontents, decided to do exactly the same thing. They burned the stores in their own neighbourhoods, broke windows, stole what they wanted, and burned what was left.

Anyone who has  been just outside the core area of Detroit where these riots took place, even today, can see scores of broken shells of buildings, the reminder of the riots. It is a no-man's land reminder of what once was. A war of their own making against themselves.

The consequences were that businesses simply moved out of these areas. With no businesses, people started to abandon the area. After all people who cannot afford transport, need to be close to stores.

But of course the "freethinkers" of today have probably not extended their "freethinking" quite that far. They will need a lesson of their own before they understand that if you burn your world, no new world will form in its much too dangerous, place.

-Charles G. Pedley

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