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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Free Thinking 101

My leftist friend Brian does not even realize he is unbalanced since all he can find is one side of any issue and that side of course supports his personal bias, I include here some references which on a quick look appear to have some GREAT ideas to aid any of us on HOW TO THINK CRITICALLY. 

Since I once taught him, perhaps there may be an open area somewhere in his brain that is willing to accept that his reality may NOT be REALITY at all!

So Mr. B, since you are "handing in" poor unbalanced ideas with no effort to give evidence just someone else's opinion who happens to agree with you, you will need to accept this assignment in order to FREE your brain from the one-sided thinking syndrome and obtain a passing grade [hopefully better!] in FREE-THINKING 101.

When that happens you will suddenly realize what free thinking really is. IT is not taking your favorite biased ideas and finding support for them in the form of OTHER OPINIONS which prove nothing but in discovering how to detect truth from opinion and rid yourself forever of pretzel thinking.


This site you should really like as it appears to be humanist. [a disguised form of atheism?]

#4 I included a paragraph below that was interesting and might be of help to your critical thinking skills. 

Even tho this site may offend you because some Bible verses are mentioned, it has a lot of interesting ideas. [Warning: Leftists often have violent uncontrollable reactions to Bible verses which can interfere with their critical thinking!]

 "Right Brain Learning

There are several methods of encountering truth which rely more heavily on intuition and feeling, and also seeing the relation between different pieces. The right brain can process many pieces of information at once, whereas the left is best at looking at things in a series one at a time. One important point here is that there are two kinds of "feeling" which are different and sometimes confused. There is emotional feeling and intuitive feeling. Our emotions are our motivators. When we feel sympathy, we may wish to help the afflicted. That is not learning truth at all; it is being motivated. On the other hand, the intuition (or ESP) feeling refers to sensations such as, "I feel peaceful and good about going into this business venture," or "I feel this salesman is lying. I don't trust him." In attempting to discover truth, it is essential not to let the emotions be a factor. Wanting something to be true does not make it true, but only clouds your perception of reality. Now let us look at some systematic methods of right brain learning. ....."

Here ends Research Session One for those that have been using ONLY the LEFT SIDE of their brains. [Sorry no intention to offend. Just a thought that possibly is what you may have been doing. (:-)

Made any right turns lately?  
Good luck Brian. You may need it. This assignment has caused unusual brain synapses to occur. (:-)

You will notice that I DID NOT just send opinions to support my point of view but actual real evidence?


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