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Monday, April 18, 2011


It is now time for the politically correct to become slowly extinct. Politically correct basically means lying to protect someone's feelings.

In one way that is a good thing. There is no sense in alienating someone by giving your opinionated ideas of them as an individual. What good does that do?

But we are talking about pussyfooting around certain groups which may riot if we dare to criticize them in a fair and democratic way. Is that being considerate of individual feelings or is that coddling the dangerous?

There are many, as evidenced by the Facebook group, who did not want to allow an honestly conservative network to be aired in Canada. Many of them were perhaps free speech advocates in other situations, situations in which THEY wanted to be free to speak.

What is that with certain groups? They want to give their leftist, liberal views but want to shut up any more conservative views. Is that fair and balanced? Is it even democratic? 

Where were the free media advocates crying "CENSORSHIP" when we needed them? Any group that tries to stifle a network because it may say some things that they do not like, but nevertheless need to be aired, is harboring thoughts of a dictatorship in which only the approved speech is acceptable.

Have any of you read George Orwell's "1984"? Did you read about "Big Brother"?  

The attitude of the Facebook originators against the so-called "Fox News North" was reminiscent of Big Brother. Trying to stifle any dissenting view is the beginning of democratic disintegration.

In 1984, slogans such as War is Peace & Freedom is Slavery were repeated to indoctrinate the great "unwashed masses".

The sad thing is that only a few individuals realized that was what was happening here in peaceful, polite Canada. Oh yes, of course I exaggerate a little. The problem is that those that think I exaggerate a lot, are the ones that Big Brother had already reached.

And now a toast to Sun News Network on it's birthday, TODAY, MONDAY, APRIL 18, that promises to cut to the chase, be politically incorrect, not be afraid to upset apple carts and to point out the views which many if not most Canadians actually have. Views that the elitists in the academic and media world, who know best for all, never knew were there.

May it live long and prosper! Here's to Sun News Network!

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