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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Supreme Being Fallacy of Atheists

All atheists I have ever discussed or argued with are illogical. . On a forum at one of them stated emphatically that the ONLY proof of God was if he and the believer that he was speaking to went to the hospital and found someone cut in half and ask God to appear and heal the individual. If the believer would not, then God does not exist.

In my estimation that is a very infantile remark.

Here is my answer to his ludicrous example.

YOU have set the terms to prove God exists. What makes YOU think your terms make sense?
- I could say back .... the only proof that YOU exist is IF YOU appear in front of me right now .... 


- a rather silly argument

- It is rather like saying "I have never seen Rome, so show me Rome right now or you believe in a mythical place.
Just because you cannot see a person OR a place does not mean they do not exist.

YOU probably think ATHEISM exists, do you not?

Atheism cannot exist.... not if the most reasonable definition of atheism is .... that
an atheist is a person who declares that God DOES NOT exist but is mythical. That came from most definitions in Wikis and dictionaries online.

Atheism assumes that no superior being exists because he/she/it has never seen one.

So if that is true then let me ask this question.

Have you ever found anyone more knowledgeable than yourself?

-Hopefully you have. If you have not then you have already found your superior or supreme being .... YOU! You have admitted that no one is superior to you ... so you made yourself God.

- If you admit [hopefully] that some people are superior to you then THOSE people have become your superior or supreme beings. They are people who make the most sense to you. People who you tend to believe when you hear or read what they say.

Either way, there are beings which are superior ,,, either you or they.

Congratulations you have just admitted that YOU or THEY are superior beings worthy of being listened to. You have appointed yourself or "THEM" your God.
What per cent of the world's knowledge do you have?

Is it less than 5%?

Is it less than 1%

Most would admit that their knowledge is much less than one per cent of the world's knowledge.

Is it possible that God exists in the 99% of the world's knowledge that you do not have?

The logical honest answer is "YES".

Therefore just because you do not see or know God does NOT make him a myth any more than YOU are a myth because I don't see you.

However I could find you if I had your address and exact geolocation, could I not?

You can also find God if you know where to look.

Have you ever lost your car keys?

Would you be able to find your keys if you looked in the right place? The place where they are? [Of course.]

You can also find God if you look in the right place.

However if you just come to argue why bother? You don't have enough of the world's knowledge to declare God non-existent. There is no point arguing over knowledge that you are ignorant of is there?

- Charles

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