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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Truth or Fiction

Religion of ANY kind is suspect. From evolutionary, atheistic, agnostic to Muslim and Christian...

They are all simply a belief systems....

Evolution is an attempt at science clouded by Evolutionary Religion where it takes giant leaps of faith to believe.

But that does not mean evolution, nor Intelligent Design should be rejected right out of the box. However it seems like many "evolutionary believers" do that.

Hence Ben Stein created his video Expelled which dares to question why well-known and respected men of science be turfed from their jobs simply because they dared to point out where evolutionary belief CAN NOT answer certain questions that ID can?

Because I KNOW about the horrors of Islamists, does not make me reject all Muslims. It seems like the newly-elected mayor of Calgary who called for investigation before making decisions is what ALL politicians should do.

Tarek Fatah is my favorite Muslim writer of the book, The Jew Is Not My Enemy. He has a very balanced view of Islamists and those who step over the line of civility.

Have you ever watched Michael Coren at 6PM on CTS? Or does your agnostic "faith" prevent you from even tuning into a channel created by Christians?

Of course Mark Gabriel, Noni Darwish, and Brigitte Gabriel are also in group of favorites. (:-)

And just because scientists were fooled for 40 years by the fake Piltdown man does not mean I should reject ALL science, does it?

Just because there are fake $20 bills does NOT mean I should reject ALL $20 bills does it?

Just because there are fakers in religion along with the rest of the world full of fakers, does not mean I should reject religion does it?

We can be aware of our own biases enough to think critically about everything we hear or read. We can detect bias in articles and ideas which may or may not be distorting facts.

I don't reject ALL science. I reject SCIENCE which will not even HEAR of anything contradictory which Ben Stein points out has what has become of science in many areas. It has become a religion.Evolutionary and climate science has made the great leap of faith and "evolved" from science into belief.

Does it not strike you as odd that science which is supposed to be about investigating truth so easily rejects ID. That is exactly what many scientists accuse believers of ... rejecting without checking...

So the question is: what makes you KNOW that truth from fiction?

It depends in the final analysis WHO you listen to. And WHO you listen to "indoctrinates" you to believe or not. You may be sucked into believing in declared hoaxes you see on the internet, or are they?

Piltdown man shows that TOO-eager scientists accepted WITHOUT CHECKING EVIDENCE that here was a NEW species of evolutionary man.

One can be TOO eager to accept anything. I try to weigh everything on its merits. Which is why I am still and always will be a follower of Jesus Christ. The historical evidence for him being the son of God is greater than the evidence that there ever was a Julius Caesar. Yet who tries to deny Julius Caesar?

The personal evidence of answered prayers, not always in the way I expect, is the clincher.

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