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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Carbon Taxing Ideas

Letter to National Post

Recent revived discussion regarding carbon taxing, and cap and trade arguments seem rather odd considering we are carbon-based life forms and simply by breathing release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Nearby plants which make ALL of our food on earth take in carbon dioxide as an essential ingredient to carbon-based life forms. Certain questions seem to jump out from all this babble.
  1. Should we tax penalize larger carbon-based bodies as they are using too much of our valuable earth resources and probably breathe out more carbon dioxide?
  2. Should perennial runners who breathe at a much higher rate than average pay a greater per cent of carbon tax?
  3. Perhaps quieter more sedentary persons should be given a higher tax refund?
  4. If so much human activity results in more CO2, shouldn't plants be thriving as they take it in and give off oxygen as part of the process?
  5. Should any country sponsoring the Olympics be charged a tax due to a large increase in CO2 output during the two week period?
  6. Would it be more eco-friendly to have CO2 collectors which could compress the gas and use it to fight fires?
  7. Should politicians and climate "scientists" be taxed more since they inevitably produce more hot air and CO2 than the average person?
  8. When this whole plan is perfected, perhaps it could be code-named Corner Gas?
When we finish studying these very serious considerations, perhaps a little oxygen could be added to the mix by questioning our use of this gas. Some of us use way too much of the essential resource and should have to pay for our overindulgence.

And what about helium? Discussion of this gas would lift the level of the conversation to previously unattainable heights.

-Corner Gas activist
Charles Pedley
Fonthill ON
L0S 1E2

Thank you,
With cap-in-hand and tongue-in-cheek,
Charles G. Pedley

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