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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No Respect for Atheists: Revised Version

To put it simply, I have NO respect for atheists! Why?

You may think it is because:
1) I am a believer
2) My brain is seized up
3) I am stupid
4) I am a conservative
5) I belong to the religious right [as opposed to the liberal left?]
6) I am an evangelical Christian. Therefore I cannot think.
7) I am not open-minded
8) I believe that Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens do not exist.

Some or all of the above may be true of me. However some are also true of atheists! Why?

Would you agree that an atheist is a person who adamantly declares that there is no supreme being, no superior force, no God?

Now an agnostic, I believe is honest. What is wrong with saying, "I don't know if there is a God?" Nothing! It is the honest statement of your thought processes.

However an atheist believes in no absolutes except the absolute belief that there is no superior being. He cannot see a God; therefore there is no God.

I cannot see Rome but somehow I still think it is there! I cannot see electricity and many have faced calamity for that very reason! I cannot see air but that won’t stop me from breathing it!

I could say that I have never seen Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens. Therefore they do not exist! Does that make sense to you?

Isn’t that a little like the game I used to play with my daughters putting my hand over my eyes and saying, “You can’t see me!”

Why is the atheistic position untenable?

I ask you, the reader, atheist or not, "What per cent of the world's knowledge do you have?"

Do you have less than 10%? Less than 5%? Less than 1%? I am sure you would agree that anyone who says they have more than 1% of the world's knowledge has already declared oneself as a supreme being and therefore it is not possible to have discussion with that one! He has already declared himself to BE God!

Let us agree that anyone reading this has less than 1% of the knowledge available in the world. Okay?

Then there is 99% of the world's knowledge that each of us does not posssess? Isn't that logical straightforward math? 100% -1% = 99%. Right?

So is it possible that God exists in the 99% of knowledge that you do not have?

Do you know what every atheist I have ever talked to or communicated says? "No!" They say it is not possible that God exists in the 99% of the world's knowledge they do not have!

Isn't that a rather arrogant attitude? You do not have ANY knowledge in that 99%, but you declare with no hesitation that you KNOW no God can exist there!

That is the equivalent of saying, "I know NOTHING about Australia and have never been there but I KNOW that Sydney does NOT exist!"

That is why I have no respect for atheists. They claim superior knowledge to everyone else, especially those who do believe in God. They have declared themselves to be the superior being because they KNOW there is no God and they KNOW there is no God in spite of the fact that they possess less than 1% of the world's information!

That is ridiculous! It is also not deserving of respect. Anyone who says that has closed his or her mind to logic.

It is impossible to declare that you know something about knowledge you do not have. But that is exactly what an atheist does.


  1. Available as a pdf file for download if you wish. Contact me at

  2. DC Says: While no on individual has the ability to possess 100% of the world's knowledge, someone, at some point, has.

    Charles: So who is that someone?

    DC: It is called knowledge because it was known by someone, and passed on to others.

    Charles: The knowledge of God has been passed on down for many years. Stronger at some times and weaker at others just like each of our brains.

    DC: You seem quite ignorant to the fact that knowledge is collective, and we as a people have known 100% of our collective knowledge.

    Charles: Several meanings can be taken here. I will take this meaning. DC seems to be ignorant of the fact that the collective knowledge of God has been passed on down as well. Just because you happen NOT to believe it is your choice.

    DC: So yes, I do indeed feel comfortable in saying we as intelligent beings, whom have had access to 100% of our collective knowledge have absolutely no evidence what-so-ever that a god does, did, or can exist.

    Charles: Now DC you are hedging your bets. If you are talking collective in the world I am assuming [you are not from Mars are you?] then part of that collective knowledge is that some people have known God.

    We can look at the story of Abraham. He did many things that would seem unreasonable because he knew God. He left his own land and moved to a far country, the modern equivalent of going to the moon as it would probably have taken the same length of time. Abraham knew God and obeyed him.

    Just because DC or some other individual does not believe in God doesn't make God cease to exist. Moses and Joshua knew God. They did for the most part exactly what God told them to do and succeeded in bringing their people to the promised land [actually where they had lived previously before the 400 year exile in Egypt.

    We cannot be ignorant of the fact that NO ONE individual has even close to 1% of the world's knowledge. DC doesn't have it. I don't have it. However DC has no knowledge or evidence of God but I do. I may not know how to play cricket but many do. One cannot add up the knowledge of people you believe are intelligent and call it 100%.

    So the question remains which DC DID NOT ANSWER because he/she cannot.

    Could God exist in the 99+% of the knowledge that DC does not have? The answer is of course YES.

    Did you notice how DC tried to avoid that question? There is a reason why. If one proclaims that "the world" has 100% knowledge, then obviously many in the world believe in God so that has to be included in that 100%

    Just because I don't know cricket DOES NOT MEAN that cricket does not exist! It means that I don't know cricket! Or possibly Jack. Or God. DC obviously has not found God. He has no knowledge of him. However many millions have. I am one of those.

  3. Wow, found these comments today. You are generalizing, assuming all atheists are the same... it´s like saying "all christians are the same". They are not. Each individual has a personal view of the world. I consider myself an atheist, but I agree with you that I´m a limited individual, like everyone else. I don´t choose not to believe. It´s just that the idea of a supreme being doesn´t make sense to MY brian. I´m ok with your believes and respect them. You might call that being agnostic, but no, I really think there is no god. Of course, like you and everyone else, I might be wrong.

    I agree with you that some people are intolerant and think they know all the trouth. But that is true in ANY group of people, not only atheists.

    You come through as intolerant, just like the people you are criticizing.

    1. Actually FFM, I could require everyone to give me an email address. I did not. May I ask why you are keeping your beliefs secret. Mine obviously are not.

      Let us take one statement at a time.

      "You are generalizing..." No I am telling you that most atheists I have experienced are like what I said. You better read the beginning of the piece.

      "l consider myself an atheist ..." An atheist denies the existence of God. Really FFM it is. I am glad you are honest enough to know you have limits. In my experience atheists declare they know MORE than the rest of us and are SMARTER.

      "I don't choose NOt to believe." Impossible. You did choose or someone chooses for you. So perhaps it was your liberal education. Most college and university teachers are atheistic. So perhaps they influenced you. But yes, you DID choose.

      What does not make sense is seeing the beauties and intricacies of the world and believing it all happened by accident. Now that is hard to believe. Unless of course you have been brainwashed to believe that accidents produce BETTER things. Funny all the accidents I have seen produce messes and they hurt :-)

      So this is a year later and you probably will not see it. But why do you think I am intolerant? I tolerate and stand up for principles. I tolerate and even love many atheists including those I have argued with. I care about them. I want them to see that they have been brainwashed to believe a lie.

      That is not intolerant. That is caring.

      And since you do not know the people I am criticizing and you do not know me, you really cannot say that I am intolerant. And I am not. It is not intolerant to know and state when someone is arrogant and thinks they are smarter than we believers.

      I think from now on I will require an email address as you will probably never get to read this, secret FFM. And by the way I do not think you meant that you meant "doesn't make sense to my brian" Brian is a person's name. Brain is what we have and hopefully use at least part-time :-)


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