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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Arguments with Atheists 2

BCReason: What most Atheists really think is: I see no evidence for the existence of gods (and much evidence to the contrary) so why devote my life to the worship of something that
most likely does not exist.

Charles: Many ways to go here.  “I see no evidence....” See My article on Arguments with Atheists page.... Just because you have not seen a platypus, or a game of cricket or a coelecanth does NOT mean they don’t exist. In fact THEY ALL DO!

* When my daughter used to put her hand over her eyes and say “You can’t see me! You can’t see me!” did that mean that I was not there? Of course not.

* We always see what we want to see or ignore what we want to ignore. Witnesses at crime scenes are notoriously bad describing  the bank robber.
Atheists are not looking for God but looking for a “NO GOD”, and they find “NO GOD” EVERY TIME.

* Not looking for a platypus or God does not mean it is not there. It just means YOU DID NOT find it or Him.

You definitely should not devote your life to worshipping a God that you do not know. However what are you going to spend your time doing? At birth you are given on average as a male, 29, 200 some days. Yes that is all. 80 years. Will it count for something?

To quote a famous person:“Then they will call to me but I will not answer; they will look for me but will not find me.”

If you lose your keys and look hard for them 99% of the time you WILL find them. You are not looking for God, so you may never find Him. I hope you do but you may not.

BCReason: It is meaningless to suggest we should believe in anything and worship it just because in the 99.99999999% of knowledge we do not have there might be some evidence of it.

: The last thing you should do is worship somebody you have not found. However there is so much evidence it is overwhelming. But if you look for the sky by looking down, will you ever find it? Not much chance is there?

Is it reasonable to devote your life to something on the chance that somewhere in the universe there maybe proof that it exists? We do not have knowledge of God therefore the only reasonable position is to assume none exists.

: When you say “we”, you mean yourself and other atheists because millions of people have found God. Very reasonable because if you actually care to look, He can be found unless you are much blinder than the millions who have found Him. The problem seems to be that you want to assume because YOU have not found something or someone, that it does not exist. Look back at the Coelecanth Brian.

“Is it reasonable to devote your life to .....” . Have you ever read the stories of atheists who found God? I listed them. However I do not believe you have even looked.

Yes it is as reasonable as Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, William Dell, Thomas Zuckerberg and millions of others. They all had a dream that they devoted their time to and it came true. That is why there are so few real entrepreneurs, because most people give up and do not try. That may also be you too.

BCReason: We can only work from the knowledge that we do have. This doesn't make me God only human.

Charles: Of course, that is why I hope you can admit that your idea structure has cracks because of who you choose to listen to and who you look for. You have read Dawkins BUT you have not read Dinesh D’Souza’s “What is So Great About Christianity”.

Why? Because you are not looking for God. [One might even say you are not looking for good.] You want to ignore the possibility because you may have a responsibility that you do not want to accept. So don’t look. That solves that problem.

MY life if full of meaning Brian. I see only for short periods of time, but I see what I am supposed to be doing. Then as I do it, I discover it wasn’t just a feeling it was THE right thing.

Example: I have been teaching classes about the principles of money. I wish I had known when I was your age or when I was in my 20’s. But I didn’t. However so many people have trouble with money and I have the privilege of giving them principles that will get them back on the right track, will help them get out of debt, will give them a fund for retirement and most of all financial peace. Stress is eliminated.

What a privilege I have. [Financial Peace Now at]

I could tell you stories with no names of course of people whose lives have been changed because they have had a chance to attend Financial Peace University or Crown Financial.

That is meaning and worth devoting a life to. As have many other activities which bring about change for the better in people’s lives.

Your further comments:
The reason I have not published them yet is because they require an answer which I was not ready to give. I usually think about publishing before I do. 

The main problem is that you are flaming me for not publishing them and then going off on a rant about religion and censorship because you made AN ASSUMPTION. Sometimes making ASSumptions makes you into an “ass”. We have all been there. Almost everything you have said in that comment is not true.

You rant about religion and censorship when it is actually usually totalitarian regimes having nothing to do with God that have the greatest censorship. Yes there are exceptions but we are talking main concepts here.

Hitler, Idi Amin, Robert Magabe, Pol Pot, Stalin ... are only a few and they had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with religion. The Chinese communists and so on all apply here and that is with little or no thought required. There are many others, mostly non-religious. You are looking at a “bad cherry” in the bowl and saying “See all cherries are rotten!” You know better than that Brian. That is one reason I do not allow ranting.

Have religious people ever censored anything? Of course, but you ignore the greatest censors, the totalitarians and some liberals who are not “liberal” any more in that THEY want to censor what THEY do not like, like talk radio, and you Brian who did not want Sun Media [Quebecor] to establish a conservative voice in Ontario. And YOU talk about OTHERS censoring???

Come on Brian you were ranting in both cases and rants are not excusable on my blog. Sense and reasoned argument, yes. Emotional rants and ravings, NO!

Allowing emotion to control reason allows a lower power to control a higher power. Not a good idea.

More later.
Have a Good!

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