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Monday, November 2, 2009

Bashing Walmart

I just saw a video bashing Walmart because a mom and pop store is struggling.

Just go to Google videos if you want to search for it. I won't give you the address.
That is a sad story. It is unfortunate. There are a LOT of things that are worse because of our modern age.

It was probably also unfortunate that:
  • We still do not use horse and buggies because blacksmiths and their families  are extinct
  • There are no liveries in town so the liverymen are unemployed or have gone elsewhere
  • There are no more shoemakers because we cannot get our shoes repaired and they are so cheap imported from China.
  • That there are very few passenger trains so there are few jobs for firemen, trainmen, conductors and station hands
  • Section hands that tend track are a thing of the past, not needed any more
  • We import things from China because even though very poor Chinese people are employed, much poorer than any North American, Americans and Canadians cannot have those jobs because the Chinese have them
  • General stores are a thing of the past so all the people that worked there are unemployed
  • Tim Horton's has probably put many small restaurants out of business
  • Unions have probably made cars so expensive by much higher than average wage demands that new cars are now out of the reach of one-income families
  • Newspapers a long time ago put press operators out of business by computerizing
  • GM used to hire more people until they brought in computers which take away men's jobs
  • Barrel-makers have been out of business for some time since we started using separate boxes to put the crackers in
  • Coopers who made the rings which hold the barrels together are unemployed for the same reason
  • Are there any tailors in your town? Not in ours because clothes are so cheap we don't need to repair clothes any more
  • When I was young there were icemen that used to sell ice on the street. Where are they now? Unemployed since refrigerators were invented and cheap enough for the average person to buy.
  • Also there used to be junkmen pulling a wagon down the street asking for your old scrap metal and materials. Where are they now? Now they just all go to the dump.
  • Yep. When you think about it we were a lot better off in the 1800's.
  •  I think we should get rid of all our cars and buy horses, take off all our Chinese clothing, throw away our Chinese runners, crowd out the existing railway stations so that they will put on more trains, hire more firemen, engineers, trainmen and conductors and section-hands,
  • We should stop buying newspapers until they go back to printing presses.
  • We need to start getting a tailor to make all your clothes, throw out your refrigerator, energy star or not, and get an icebox, ask someone to collect your junk metal instead of putting it in recycling, ask if anyone can repair your shoes even tho it does cost a lot more just so a shoemaker can have a job.
  • Some of us need to learn how to make barrels and let's get those crackers OUT of the boxes and back into the barrels.
  • All coffee shops should be closed down within 2 miles of a small restaurant even if the coffee is worse, so those mom and pop restaurants can stay in business.
  •  Yes sir, we would be so much better off, even if more people die because of the spread of germs from food in open barrels, it was a better day to which we should return.
  • Or NOT.

Anybody can say anything about anything on the internet which does not make it true.

Anybody also can make a video and upload it to YouTube. I always reserve judgement whenever I see something like this since it is the agenda of the far left to belittle Walmart usually because they shop at the Gap or other high-class store and do not see that Walmart is for the average person, the poorer person who cannot afford Gap prices.

Walmart helps people in every community it exists in including Mexico and third-world countries.

I have not even looked at the video yet but I am assuming when I see the words "prepared for .... class" that some kid did this. Even if it was CNN, there have been notable errors in CNN, CBS [Dan Rather], and absolute lying in articles in the New York Times.

So even before I look at the video my suspicion level goes up. Liberals are taught that Walmart and stores like them are using people and treating them poorly and not giving them the same benefits as American citizens...

Well, duh of course! They AREN'T usually American citizens in other countries, in fact very few would be, and when Walmart comes to Mexico, as I learned when I was down there the Mexicans that are hired think they have died and gone to heaven. They can finally make a decent stable living whether the pay is $5 an hour [which is about $5 more an hour than they WERE getting] or $15 an hour.

Who stands to gain by discrediting Walmart? Would UNIONS be one? Do unions ever see Walmart as taking their jobs and giving them to people overseas like China because Walmart buys so much overseas?

Are unions always honest and upright?

Would they like to discredit Walmart so that people would go to stores that  ALWAYS sell American-made products?

And of course we know Walmart has no competition. There are no Target stores anywhere. No Ace or Value hardware, no Best Buy, no Radio Shack. No dollar stores.

There should be laws against buying ANYTHING outside of our country so that more people in OUR country can work. Forget those Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Taiwanese. Just because they don't have bread; let them eat cake!

As for those poorer people who obviously shop at Walmart because the prices are low, they should just wake up and get a higher-paying job so that they can afford to shop at the Gap.

Those lazy ...... protect MY $75 an hour job [including benefits]! I don't care about yours! So there!

Yup. I think the real problem is that CHANGE should be OUTLAWED! We should NOT ALLOW CHANGE! Look what it is doing to our country! Actually making things affordable! (:-)

And then we should protest in front of Walmart stores and prevent shoppers from coming in! That'll teach 'em!

Then when they close down and move farther away who cares about the lost jobs? It's all Walmart's fault.

(:-) Like I say, anyone can make a heart-rending video. However when your heart is rent you tend not to be able to use your brain.

EMOTION OVER THINKING makes you look like you've been drinking!

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