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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love, acceptance and truth

[This was addressed to a "website" which had a lot of info about sexuality, homosexuality and acceptance. I could not find any statement of beliefs. It called itself a Christian Community but seemed to dwell on the love and acceptance of people the Bible would call sinners, as we all are, but not mention that God is not happy with sin of any kind. I wrote this to see if they would clarify their beliefs.]


"Stumbled across your site by accident. I tried to find an "About" or "Contact" or "What We Believe" to no avail.

Your site disturbed me a little for the above reasons.

Why do you not just explain what your point of view is instead of hiding it. The only way I can see anything about what you believe is by looking at the book advertisements. So since that is the only info I have I felt I must write to you about that.

First I have to say, we are to love everyone. We are to love Hitler, someone who may have sexually abused us or raped us, or killed our kid.

The phrase "Church is a hospital for sinners, not a hotel for saints." is very appropriate.

I think your site is a reaction to the church ignoring these matters. And that definitely may be a failing. Perhaps they think that since the 60's teens have had "sexual education" and yet for many years the number of unwanted pregnancies kept going up. Not sure of latest stats. However there certainly are way too many single parent families which educationally and economically deprive the majority of higher educational or economic goals.

However certain phrases [in the absence of your beliefs] bothered me somewhat.

If you are a Bible-believing "church", indeed if you are a church at all, then you know that the Bible condemns homosexuality as a sin. We love the sinner, since we all are, but we hate the sin.

Romans 1 explain what happens to men who leave God's principles.

  • God's wrath is revealed against godlessness and wickedness
  • His principles should be plain to see
  • His nature should be plain to see
  • Knowing God doesn't mean we give him any credit for his principles
  • "Knowing" stuff is not a substitute for knowing Him personally and his principles
  • Wise can become fools
  • Thinking can be futile
  • We can worship ideas, images, people, instead of God the creator
  • We can exchange truth for a lie
  • We have sinful desires
  • We can be sexually impure
  • We can have unrighteous thoughts and lusts
  • We can abandon natural sexual relations between a married husband and wife
  • We can accept unnatural relations between women and other women and men and other men as "natural"
  • We can have depraved minds
  • We can have penalties of health due to our unnatural lifestyle
  • We can abandon all Godly principles and do these unnatural acts or approve of those who do
When we leave God's principles behind we become foolish, thinking at the same time that we are just SO wise. But we are not wise but otherwise.

As one example, I taught Grade 8 science... I taught a section on living things, and the difference between life and non-living things that can look similar when you see some seeds and some pebbles.

Then the students had pictures of various natural items and were asked to tell if they were living or not. When looking at an unborn baby in the womb, I NEVER had even one student say that it was non-living. Students inherently know, unless confused to think otherwise, that life comes from life and rocks are not about to have babies, but seeds can when they grow up to be trees.

And yet when some of them get "higher" education in Secondary School or College, almost half by the latest polls think that a baby in the womb is a "fetus", not an unborn baby. I don't know why we don't call it a "headus", a "heartus", or a "handsus", or even a "feetus" because all of those are present in the womb. The heart beats. That is a living thing. When they were young they knew instinctively that an unborn baby and a baby are one and the same except separated by a months, a few weeks or a few days in time.

So in their "higher" education, they somehow started to rely on the "wiser", really "otherwiser" people who taught them to not believe their instincts.

That is how the wise can become fools as shown in Romans 1. Just one example. There are many more.

I don't know what you believe because I cannot find a place where you state it. However I do know that what I have said above is truth.


Charles G. Pedley

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