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Friday, February 13, 2009

Where is Truth?

Does anyone get tired of people simply telling blatant lies right there in the media for all to see?
I certainly do.

It seems to me that there may have been two sides to issues in the past but each group would simply disagree with the other group. Now they tell bald-faced lies and get away with it. In fact some people who only listen to soundbytes lap it up and believe every word of it.

Why not just say something like, "We do not think it is fair to suddenly take away the money given to us based upon the number of seats we have in government. " and then give your reasons why.

Instead, the snowflake coalition made up of separatists, NDP, and Liberals after something like two days back in parliament had already decided that no work is going to get done because they cannot agree with what Mr. Harper is doing and also, for good measure, what he is NOT doing!

The real reason was that they were hopping mad because few people donate to those parties. The Conservatives have millions from donations because that is how they started. But with the NDP used to getting a big bonus check from the unions and the Liberals formerly getting a lot of money from friendly leftist liberal businesses, they are just not used to raising money from REAL people! So they lie.

The same thing happens in the United States. Nancy Pelosi is the best liar of the bunch. She stands up and blames George Bush for the economic crisis when he is powerless with a Democratic House and Senate. Come on, 2 against 1 usually means that 2 wins right? Well it does in this situation. She gets her nose in front of the cameras and explains how Bush's policies have caused this problem when he couldn't push through a load of straw without a majority in the House and Senate voting for it. How ridiculous is that?

And then we had the constant harping that George Bush's approval rating was the lowest of any President's but conveniently forgetting that HER Democratic Congress had an even lower rating! 

Without blinking, flinching or looking up to the right, she blames it all on George. Poor George. At least now in Texas, he will get a little peace and quiet from the lying machine consisting of most of the media and Democrats. 

I am not saying Republicans are lily white but since they are not in charge it is harder to keep track of them when they lie.

Back to the good days when you could just say that you disagree instead of making up fake cover stories. Whatever happened to the conscience? Have some people lost them while growing up in a dysfunctional home?


  1. Couldn't find a place to comment on your Valentine post but it was impressive.


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