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Friday, February 20, 2009

Answering a Person Who Believes in Sexual Liberation

I see what you are saying Nick. However it used to be that females did stay home and did NOT have to work outside the home and basically had enough on their hands other than studying politics and trying to figure out who to vote for. They were 'voting' for their family.

Men went out of the home and were involved more in the world. I am assuming that this might have made them more involved in things like politics because they weren't changing diapers ever few minutes. This gave them more time to think about government and politics since they lived in it.

Do you think possibly you may be using a stereotype when classifying conservative men? I am not afraid of anyone except people who do not know the facts but act as though they did. [not saying you, Nick ... you are just expressing your opinion...]

Many actually believe what they say with very little evidence to support their conclusions. I am somewhat alarmed about the ignorance about truth and the leftist-socialist media that for the most part DO NOT INVESTIGATE facts but just spout opinions. That is scary.

Is it possible that when we look back assuming that back then everything was just like now, that we may be incorrect? Perhaps it WAS different then and people thought differently and acted differently.

"sexually-liberated" is an interesting term. How do you get liberated sexually?

Are many Africans who live in Africa sexually liberated where AIDS is epidemic and many children wander the streets because they have NO parents?

Only having one parent severely cripples a person's ability to improve their lot in life and that of their children, but NO PARENTS? Fortunately their are groups which are helping like the Charles Mully Farm and Watoto and others. However it seems that the "liberation sexually" in Africa is causing a lot of grief and dead people. How liberating is that?

So how is it liberating to have AIDS, or to lose your spouse [if you had one] to the disease, or worse yet to lose both your parents due to their sexual liberation? Seems more like a kind of slavery to have to pick food out of garbage cans and live on the street doesn't it?

What about all the 'sexually liberated' females who were impregnated by a "sexually liberated" male who leaves so the child grows up only knowing a mother? Unfortunately statistics show that one-parent families severely disadvantage the child to be able to escape his environment and improve himself.

Some credit is due here to Mr. Obama who DID escape the one-parent family-trap. He may not understand economics and think that a stimulus is giving pork to those who helped him get elected but he did become successful, obviously.

The only sexual liberation I see, correct me if I am wrong, is the male who leaves whenever he likes after getting sex without any commitment to support his family. Yes he is liberated. Unfortunately often liberated to do the same thing over and over again.

Of course we could become totalitarian and just say that all babies conceived by single mothers MUST be aborted. But that is rather a slippery slope. Who will society deem as unworthy of life next? With Hitler it was the Jews, with Stalin the Ukrainians, with Idi Amin ..... with Pol Pot I think you get the point.

Shouldn't true liberation liberate more than the male who seldom has to look after a kid that he didn't want to abort? Wouldn't it be nice if " ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL" was actually real and that each one had "INALIENABLE RIGHTS" ???

Blacks were treated as semi-human and not worthy of making decisions or of freedom. Now with a black President that inequality has been put to rest.

However how is the cruel slavery which treated blacks probably worse than animals any different than being killed in the mother's womb? Shouldn't that baby have a right to live like you or I?

How is it that a parent of a baby can kill a kid before it is born but if she waits 5 minutes after it is born and kills it she can be charged with murder? Is that equality? Is that liberation?

So who exactly is 'liberated'?

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