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Friday, March 19, 2010

Arguments of Atheists

Brian is one of my former students. I sure messed up teaching him, didn't I? (:-)
I will present Brian's comments that need an answer and then my answer. [I may leave out certain non-critical parts of his quote for simplicity.]
Brian : I would have to say it is unlikely there is a God. Therefore I regard myself as an Atheist.
Charles: Using Brian's format: I would have to say it is VERY unlikely that there is NOT a God! No evidence or argument presented but just a statement. We can all make statements including me. The only difference is that mine are right (:-) grin

Brian: I know very few Atheists that would say dogmatically that there is 100% no chance of there being a supernatural power one could call God. Even Richard Dawkins would not say that.
Charles:All atheists that I have dealt with ,ALL, say there is NO GOD. In fact the definition of an atheist is one who believes there is no God. If you are not sure, which seems to fit Brian, then you are an agnostic.

Brian: All the evidence I have seen so far has been flawed in one way or other. The logical arguments, the physical evidence, once you delve beneath the surface they don't hold up. I've been through a lot of this stuff and I'm sure there is way more that I haven't seen.
Charles: No evidence is presented but how can anyone arbitrarily say "all the evidence I have seen is flawed"? The fact that you say that means you have set yourself up as a superior being to the beings, such as myself, who have seen the EVIDENCE pointing DIRECTLY TO A GOD. So if you are a superior being and I am supposed to believe you, then you have created a god, that god being the superior being, in your eyes, who happens to be YOU. [So Brian does believe in a god... that god or superior being is him." On the other hand if he is NOT claiming that his reasoning or observations are superior, then perhaps my reasoning or observations are superior to his. Who is to know? (:-)
Charles: All the evidence I have seen that declares there is not God, in my view is flawed because everyone believes in some being who is superior to themselves, unless you are the highest of egocentrics, who believes NO ONE could be smarter than yourself.

Brian: "It always comes down to personal experience." 
Charles: Exactly! Your personal experience says there is no god or God and mine says THERE IS A GOD! Now to present some ideas which do not hold water in the atheistic religion.

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