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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Digsby. Wow!

Have you heard of Digsby yet? No? Yes you have I just mentioned it! Ok. Ok. I know pretty lame. Makes you feel superior doesn't it? Good that is the intention. Most people need more feelings to lift them up not put them down.

That has nothing at all to do with Digsby, my new discovery. I am sure you know what an instant messenger is right? You know, Yahoo Messenger, AIM [AOL Instant Messenger], Windows Live Messenger, the original messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, and so on.

Some of you also know that there are several IM's which let you tune in on one or more of the other messengers, just in case your friends do not use the same one as you. There is Trellian, Miranda, Pidgin, and others. Then I discovered that my favorite web suite, at, now includes Zoho Chat which can connect with most other messengers. But the most fun was yet to come. I discovered Digsby!

Digsby? Yes, Digsby. Digsby not only can tune in to all your friends on all the other IM's, but check your email, AND your social networking site, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. And yes it transfers files and can turn on your video camera so you can video talk!

I just tried it today. I am very impressed so far. Ask me next week if I love it as much. The constant facebook popups telling me what my friends were doing became a bit annoying. However I am going to turn that off. I don't WANT to know. I will find out all in good time if it is important.

So give Digsby a try. You may fall in love again, this time with Digsby!

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