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Thursday, March 12, 2009

URGENT for Mr. Kenney - RE JOB NEEDS -

Hello Senator Kenney!

After seeing your article in the National Post about the jobs that need to be filled, I am applying for a job or perhaps, JOBS.

My pension which is totally subject to market conditions went down a lot when Honourable Jim F. announced the change in income trusts. [I understand why he did this but our "pension" funds did go down and have not returned to previous levels.]

Also the current market conditions have knocked it down about another 20 plus per cent.

If it were not for my wife and I having planned ahead to become 65 in 2008, we would NOT have enough money to live on.

My wife mentioned that you are short of soldiers, cops, spooks and border guards.

Okay what do I have to do to apply?

I am in excellent health except for a bit of extra weight I am carrying around. However I am sure that it is NOT even as much as a soldier's backpack!

I have been told that I was "spooky" in the past by my students when I sneaked up on them inadvertently, of course. Also when a mere youth, I was one of the top "secret agents" when we played.

And border guards! I would have NO problem sitting on my duff in a booth and questioning people about their purchasing activities. Having been a teacher in charge of the security of classrooms full of VERY diverse individuals with NO deaths or even taser accidents, I assure you I am abundantly qualified for that job!

Soldier? Well depending on how strenuous the activity, that might be a "wee" problem as the Scots say. However I am excellent in customer relations, and computer skills and I am sure that would go a long way as most office people I have found when in business do not know much about computers, except "show me where to type".

Please forward the applications or tell me what is required so that I can apply for the most appropriate job to serve my country in its time of need.

Charles G. Pedley


Note: If you do not have your bullet-proof vest on, please put it on first. This letter will self-destruct within 60 seconds after you read it, so please stand back from your computer!


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