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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Message to an Online Evangelical Atheist

Message to an Online Evangelical Atheist

I say 'evangelical' because he is making an effort to convert those who pass by his site with some really nice stuff on it.

It is rather sad that but typical of many atheists that they will not discuss anything with you except on their own turf. So BGH will not comment on my thoughts about Atheism here. Why not? What is there to be afraid of? Except truth?

His article carries the following title: "My Atheism Is Not a Rejection of Your God"

Written by BGH

"First and foremost it is a disbelief in a spirit-creator being who rules the universe."

Charles Pedley

January 13th, 2009 at 5:10 pm

Have you ever read this?
  1. Remember a few things about your article above.
    “Does not operate in my mind” - that is a choice - since greater atheists than you have become Christians, you just choose not to. [And looks like you had some well-intentioned but ineffective help.]

  2. "but I do take issue with the actions carried out in the name of religion" MOST of the good things we have in our society came from 'religion', mainly Christianity. Examples, universities, schools, hospitals, caring for the poor, caring for the handicapped, red cross, [notice not a red swastika?], public schools, universitites. I could go on but let’s stop there. So you don’t like those actions carried out in the name of religion? Or if you refer to the bad ones carried out in name of religion, remember that Stalin, Hitler, Idi Amin, Pol Pot were NOT religious. Of course I am sure they are your heroes? (:-)>

  3. There is no such thing as “secular”. Religion is a set of beliefs you have bound yourself to [Latin 'religas']. Therefore you have beliefs as outlined above. Therefore YOU TOO are religious. You are just a religious atheist. And I also take issue with actions such as those taken by the notable atheists above, carried out in their name.

    Everyone has a set of beliefs, some just in the head, most unwritten but evident by those who know you. We are all religious. So you CANNOT keep governments ’secular’ because then you have to have people running it who have no beliefs. [those are probably called zombies.]

  4. Wait a minute,,, maybe THAT is why government works so poorly and wastes so much money! ZOMBIES are running it. AAAAAAhhhhhh (:-) I guess that is enough.

  5. You see, a hypnotist cannot hypnotize an unwilling candidate, a drunk cannot be cured until he admits he’s a drunk, an atheist cannot come to know God until he is willing. And many have become willing. Those who don’t have devised their own religion, atheism, and their own superior being, usually themselves or another well-known atheist that they look up to.

    I wish you peace and long life because remember the epitaph of an atheist “All dressed up and no place to go”. I hope you find a place to go. The best place!

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